Natura Estonica bio Aqua Boost conditioner

Moisturizing conditioner for weak and colored hair gives it elasticity and prevents breakage.
Organic laminaria extract nourishes hair, gives it softness and elasticity. Bio-aloe vera extract deeply moisturizes hair, gives it shine and healthy appearance. Fucus extract makes hair more manageable and smoother. A complex of active ingredients helps to restore hair structure and prevents loss of moisture.

Natura Estonica bio Color Bomb conditioner

Conditioner for colored hair helps to prolong the radiance of color and restores damaged hair over the entire length.
Organic birch extract provides hair softness and shine. Bio-macadamia oil protects hair from moisture loss and helps to restore hair structure. Beeswax nourishes hair and prevents breakage. The specially created complex of active ingredients helps revitalize damaged hair, leaving it shiny and healthy.

Natura Estonica bio Fast Repair conditioner

Repairing conditioner for damaged hair returns softness, smoothness and shine, helping to prevent split ends.
Organic cedar oil moisturizes and nourishes hair and gives it shine. Bio-amla extract seals and smoothes hair structure. Goji berries repair damaged hair. The complex of active ingredients makes hair strong, shiny and silky.

Natura Estonica bio Hair Growth Miracle conditioner

Conditioner for all hair types helps to prevent hair loss while reducing brittle hair.
Organic amla extract gives hair a healthy and radiant appearance. Bio-ginger extract strengthens hair. Bio Juniper restores shine and smoothness. The special complex of active ingredients protects hair from breakage and makes it more elastic and stronger.

Natura Estonica bio Long`n`Strong conditioner

Conditioner for all hair types helps to prevent brittle hair and split ends.
Organic juniper extract detangles and gives hair shine. Bio-Argan oil nourishes and restores hair, giving it softness and elasticity. Ginseng makes hair more elastic and manageable. A complex of active ingredients protects hair and moisturizes it.

Natura Estonica bio Power-C conditioner

Conditioner for weak and damaged hair returns vitality, strengthens and adds shine.
Organic sea buckthorn oil deeply regenerates hair. Bio orange oil gives shine and elasticity. Blackcurrant fills hair with strength and helps to prevent breakage. A complex of active ingredients makes hair more voluminous and elastic.

Natura Estonica bio Seven Benefits conditioner

Conditioner with organic rosehip oil, bio-avocado oil and bio-acerola is specially designed for weak and damaged hair.
1. Gives hair gloss without weighing it down, 2. Restores hair structure, 3. Moisturizes and nourishes, 4. Keeps hair elastic, 5. Protects hair from harmful effects of the environment, 6. Makes hair manageable, 7. Gentle enough for daily use.

Natura Estonica bio Sparkling Shine conditioner

Conditioner for dull and lifeless hair fills your hair with vitality and gives it a brilliant shine.
Organic yarrow extract helps to prevent hair breakage and keep hair smooth and shiny. Bio-cranberry extract softens and makes hair thick. Lemongrass oil increases the elasticity of hair. A complex of active ingredients nourishes hair from root to end.

Natura Estonica bio Volume Booster conditioner

Conditioner for all hair types gives it shine, elasticity and weightless volume that remains all day.
Organic arnica extract protects hair from harmful environmental influences and gives it elasticity. Bio-guarana extract energizes hair and restores its structure. Cocoa butter moisturizes and protects from combing damage. The complex of active ingredients makes the hair vigorous, strong and healthy.

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