Natura Estonica Herbalicious shower gel

Refreshing SHOWER GEL with organic peppermint extract and bio lime leave skin feeling comfortable and cool.
Organic mint extract leaves skin feeling light and pure, relieving fatigue and prolonging a youthful looking appearance.
Bio lime extract restores elasticity and tone. A complex of active ingredients gives skin a healthy and radiant appearance.

Natura Estonica Vitamin Charge shower gel

Vitamin shower gel with organic cranberry extract and apricot oil effectively tones, refreshes and softens the skin.
Organic cranberry extract gently renews skin, helping to maintain elasticity and smoothness
Bio apricot oil nourishes and protects against moisture loss. A special complex of active ingredients gives skin elasticity and tone.

Natura Estonica Basil Lush shower gel

Tonic shower gel with organic basil and bio grapefruit gently cleanses and refreshes skin, improves mood and invigorates skin for the day ahead.
Organic basil extract protects skin from harmful environmental effects.
Bio grapefruit extract makes skin elastic and firm. A complex of active ingredients deeply nourishes and tones skin.

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